[GirlsWay] Nina Elle, Alison Rey – Maid For Each Other: Swap Service Part 2

[GirlsWay] Nina Elle, Alison Rey – Maid For Each Other: Swap Service Part 2
Alison Rey stops by to chat with Nina Elle, the cleaner her parent, Marie McCray, has hired, as she works. Although Nina’s a bit concerned about her OWN problems with being Lily Larimar’s parent, her nurturing instincts take over as Alison complains about her relationship with Marie. Alison thinks Marie is selfish and misses spending time with her as a family. In fact, she doesn’t think Marie is a very good parent — unlike Nina. Nina is gentle as she defends Marie while also lifting Alison up as well. Nina assures Alison that she’s not perfect herself, as evident by her own rocky relationship with Lily. But the more they talk, the more an unexpected attraction starts to grow. Feeling bold, Alison finally pecks Nina on the lips after admitting how much she admires Nina. Although this sparks something in Nina, she’s hesitant to take the next step, especially since Marie and Lily are both still around the house… somewhere. But as they comfort each other more and get closer, Nina’s unable to deny her desires any longer… If Alison needs some cheering up, then she’s happy to deliver since SHE could use it, too!

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