[GirlsWay] Marie McCray, Lily Larimar – Maid For Each Other: Swap Service Part 1

[GirlsWay] Marie McCray, Lily Larimar – Maid For Each Other: Swap Service Part 1
On a beautiful morning, Alison Rey is reading outside when her parent, Marie McCray, approaches. Marie is surprised that Alison hasn’t left for school yet, but is appeased when Alison confirms that she has the day off. On another note, Marie makes sure to let Alison know that their housecleaner, Nina Elle, is here for the day. Marie remarks that Alison should stay out of Nina’s way so that she can work in peace. Inside the house, Nina Elle is hard at work dusting ornaments when Marie comes in to greet her. Nina has some awkward news though: her teen, Lily Larimar, has been sent home from school due to dressing inappropriately. Nina asks if Lily can stay at Marie’s home for the day as she works. Marie is more than understanding, saying that it’s no issue. She smiles and heads to her bedroom, leaving Nina to continue her work. Sometime later, Lily arrives at the home and is immediately scolded by Nina. Sho cautions Lily to behave and not bother anyone at the home, especially Marie and Alison. Lily’s indifferent, and heads to the kitchen to make a sandwich. As Lily walks down the hall, she notices a door that’s ajar. She peeks into the room and sees Marie on the bed masturbating! Lily spies on Marie for a few moments, but is eventually caught in the act by her. Instead of being upset, however, Marie is intrigued, and invites Lily into the room. It seems like Marie may want a little help finishing herself off, and Lily is just the person to do it. After all, since Lily got sent home from school, she may as well put herself to good use. They have a hot, secretive lesbian sex session together, making sure that neither Nina or Alison can hear them through the walls.

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