[GirlsWay] Jenna Sativa, April Olsen: Health Craze

[GirlsWay] Jenna Sativa, April Olsen: Health Craze
Jenna Sativa has her face buried in an article on her tablet when her friend, April Olsen, shows up at her house. They have plans to go out but Jenna excitedly tells April about an article she just read about an amazing new health regimen. Jenna explains that the regimen involves strict abstinence, which supposedly leads to many health benefits — including better sex! Both ladies, who both have husbands, are interested in trying it, but worry that they won’t be able to stick to it. However, after a bit of a pep talk, they agree to give it a go. They can do ANYTHING they put their minds to! Unfortunately, only mere days later, Jenna and April are frustrated and discouraged. So far, they haven’t been seeing any benefits and now they’re both just horny. They desperately look back at the article to see if they missed something. After scanning the article again, they come to the conclusion that the regimen specifically calls for abstinence between men and women. That’s when they realize they can take advantage of a loophole if they have sex with just WOMEN instead. It SOUNDS like a good plan, though they’re both nervous as they eye each other up. It’s just that neither of them ever had sex with a woman before. But who better to try it out with than a friend, right? And this way, they can get even MORE benefits out of the regimen!

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