[GirlsWay] Aiden Ashley, Kenzie Anne: A Clinic In Romance

[GirlsWay] Aiden Ashley, Kenzie Anne: A Clinic In Romance
On her way home from work, Aiden Ashley receives an ominous text from her girlfriend. Apparently, they missed a movie they were supposed to go see, and she isn’t sure if she even wants to see Aiden anymore. When she arrives home, Aiden reads the text aloud to her roommate, Kenzie Anne. Kenzie and Aiden discuss what might be causing this reaction from Aidan’s girlfriend, and it is quickly revealed that Aiden is so busy at her new job as a nurse that she may be neglecting her relationship without even realizing it. Kenzie offers to help Aiden by giving her a clinic in romance, to which Aiden accepts… Kenzie explains that even though Aiden is busy with work, she needs to make time for her relationship. If she misses a date, she should show up with a present the next time or give her girlfriend a massage. It’s the little things that count and it’s important to show that you care. It’s clear through her reaction though that Aiden is overwhelmed. She admits to not being too good at all this ‘relationship stuff’. Kenzie then offers to ‘show’ her what she means instead. She puts her hands on Ashley’s thigh and massages her leg. She gets closer and pushes Ashley’s hair back, feeling her shoulders and neck. Eventually, they get so close that they kiss deeply but then suddenly break apart. Ashley apologizes profusely, but Kenzie suggests that if Ashley REALLY wants to, they can go all the way together. What better way to learn about affection and sensuality than with someone you trust? They embrace and give in to their desires, losing themselves in a steamy, intimate session of lesbian sex. Seems like the clinic may be closed for the day, but if you look inside, you may just see that Aiden and Kenzie are hard at work keeping the romance alive.

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