[Exploited College Girls] Misha

[Exploited College Girls] Misha
So what do you do if you’re a young stripper with a great body who loves sex? If you’re 19 year old stunner Misha, you go make some porn! The first thing you notice about Misha is just how beautiful her body is with perfect natural tits, an ass that just won’t quit and a tight hungry pussy you just want to devour (much like our resident stud did much to her pleasure!). We’ve got some great behind the scenes video for you as she gets ready for her shoot trying on lingerie and something unique at the end you’re just going to have to see. Being a stripper she knows what she likes and even brought her special “money maker” outfit that definitely earns its name! Once she’s on the bed, Misha was not much for talking and couldn’t wait to get started. We have absolutely no problem with that and our stud gets her warmed up fast with some amazing oral action that had her purring and asking for more. Misha didn’t seem to have too much of a preference for positions, they were all good for her as long as she had a hard dick in her. But you could tell one of her favorite things was having her mouth filled with cock which she did at every opportunity (on camera and off!). It wouldn’t be a real ECG shoot unless we showed these porn newbies some fresh tricks, and Misha got her education and then some. As it turns out, our stripper is also a bit of a freak and likes it rough, even asking at one point if we had handcuffs (just our kind of girl!). No cuffs, but she got her fill over and over from the top, bottom and sides, if there was a way to fuck, Misha was all over it. One thing that she never really had was a proper facial, and we were happy to make that wish cum true! Of course with her talented mouth working our man’s cock and sucking him like a pro, she got what she wanted, a hot sticky mess over her face and tits. It was a true happy ending as Misha giggled with glee as her face was covered in spunk, so you know this was a good time. After watching Misha, we’re pretty sure you won’t look at strippers the same way anymore, just remember to give her a good tip. ECG mastermind Steve and guest stud Vince host Misha’s porn debut.

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