[Exploited College Girls] Lyra – episode 1802

[Exploited College Girls] Lyra – episode 1802
When you first meet Lyra, she comes across like the sweet girl next door type. She’s into the Grateful Dead and is studying science in school, while you may think she’s the nerdy type, to hear her tell it, nerds have a freaky side and there’s a lot of sex going on behind those calculators, and she would know! The second thing (OK, maybe the first) you notice are her amazing 20 year old D cup tits. These soft and shapely melons are a perfect handful and all natural, which of course we all love. She’s also a great example of the freaky nerd who loves getting fucked nice and hard, and she’s had plenty of experience! While she gets off on giving blowjobs (and we like that a lot!), she also loves to eat pussy. She can be a little picky with guys, but if you’re a cute girl, she’s going to want to fuck you and we’re good with that. The action starts as soon as Lyra gets in the car and she wastes no time showing off her stunning body. True to form, she can’t wait to go down for a little road head and it was clear from the start she was our kind of girl. Of course we had to return the favor and once she was on the bed it was time for some toys to get her warmed up.Her sweet pussy was very sensitive and it didn’t take long to watch her legs shake and cum with her first orgasm. It wasn’t just her pussy that needed attention as Lyra really likes to be fucked in the ass. In fact, if you’re an anal fan (and we know you’re out there!) this is a fuck session you’re truly going to enjoy. It starts with some double penetration with the toys and soon switches out to the real thing with our studs cock going deep into her asshole. We told you she had a freaky side which she put on display when she made it clear she likes it rough. Lyra is open to just about anything, slapping, choking, hair pulling, gagging, you get the picture. She’s just the kind of girl you want to fuck over and over again. So if this is what the girl next door is really like, we think it’s time to visit our neighbors for a little sugar! ECG mastermind Steve directs, and guest fucker Kyle does the pokey-pokey with Lyra’s ass and pussy.


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