[Exploited College Girls] Mella Megan: Living Life A Little Scandalous – 19 Year Old

[Exploited College Girls] Mella Megan: Living Life A Little Scandalous – 19 Year Old
Give me a D!! D!! Give me a P!! P!! What’s that spell? DP!! What? DP!! One more time everyone!! DP!! And that’s exactly what this returning college coed’s here to do but that doesn’t necessarily explain the scene title and what makes this sooooooooo scandalous today Steve. Well let me say this girl’s back for round two and she’s got a boyfriend this time that THINKS she’s only doing nude photography on her little trip to Arizona. Yes quite scandalous I’d say indeed but we love it and I think it makes it hotter that she’s cheating on him because this girl can’t get enough of our ExCoGi stud’s good dick. So we also find out more about our little girls sexual experience, or inexperience, during the little bit of interview we did today. This scenes a little gonzo-ish and we get right down to the business of her showing us the butt plug she’s had up that tight little ass of hers all night about 1min 10sec into this escapade. If you want to hear more about this girl or hear her talk go watch her first scene. But like I said, we get right to it today and Isiah takes that plug out of her tight sphincter and tells her to taste it which she does with her ever present nervous giggles. Nervous because this scandalous plaything has never had a threesome before, and certainly hasn’t had 2 cocks at the same time, OH MY! And what will her goodie goodie roomie think of this behavior? She’s probably thinking ‘what a lucky girl,’ because every young plaything fantasizes about having two cocks at once. She’s also nervous because she’s never had all her holes filled at once before but this enthusiastic slut in training is going to give it the old college try. Sorry mom and dad but your little girl likes to be used like a blow up fuck doll and she definitely enjoyed every throbbing minute of it. This girl and scene most definitely gets the ExCoGi Steve stamp of approval so enjoy.


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