[Exploited College Girls] Britt: 18 years old

[Exploited College Girls] Britt: 18 years old
Today is the day that Britt’s first sex on camera is released. So if you love seeing little 18 year-old newbies take cock up their asses then this video’s not it. But if you are then you’ll want to go check out and watch Britt take it up the ass because that’s what they do over there. It’s a good one and like I said this is Britt’s first sex on camera and if you know anything about ExCoGi or our sister sites then you know we’re not any of those other sites [and you all know who you are] that just say it’s their first time. Some are so lame they actually have the words in their site’s title. Fake hotel entries, fake scripted dialogue, lies ALL LIES about doing sexual shit on camera for the first time. Makes me want to puke it does. But here at ExCoGi we actually only shoot girl’s first scenes or I’m not ExCoGi Steve and you can take that to the bank. So as we listen to Britt tell us about herself you’ll get right away that she’s nervous. Even though this girl’s a stripper she’s never fucked in front of strangers before and first-timer jitters are very hard to fake and I think this girl’s shy awkwardness was very endearing and cute. So we find out that Britt’s not really into girls that much and has never licked another girl’s pussy before. Well that also changed this little trip to our place and it happened over at, coming soon. But who really wants to hear me jabber on about what’s to come when a fresh as fuck hottie with a smoking body and perfect perky tits is getting naked on our bed. Not me but I do have to throw out one last fun fact that Britt’s got a real life legitimate step-sister named Brookie that came down with her. No joke. These girls did it all with us, and Brookie who’s also a newbie, did all her firsts with us also. Her first BBC on camera, her first anal on camera, and yes her first GG on camera. Check, check and double check. Go check them out in the bonus sites tab and spank away to your heart’s content everyone, and did I say Britt’s a bit nervous? Well, she was and so nervous this one was that she actually pissed herself as soon as the magic wand touched that sweet little clit of hers and don’t sweat it girl. We think it was cute that your nerves got the best of you and it helps prove this was actually your first time. You’re fine as fuck honey and we all want to see you take dick on camera for the first time. Besides the bed has a liner so piss away and just enjoy yourself. Ummmm…. You can all go start beating off now.

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