[Exploited College Girls] Corra Cox: Her Painal Pleasure Symphony

[Exploited College Girls] Corra Cox: Her Painal Pleasure Symphony
You know how some girls just telegraph better in person than in pictures? Well today’s girl is one of them and I knew she had a nice body and very perky tits from her submission photos but who new this girl’s pussy was so spectacular and beautiful? I have to add also that her enthusiasm for sucking dick and pushing her boundaries makes this unassuming girl a lot hotter than she thinks she is. So things start off innocently enough on the bed and we find out our exploitee’s got a boyfriend back home who’s not as sexual as she is. Here’s a no shocker. She doesn’t get enough from him. Well today’s the day someone going to match that pent up sexual energy of yours and deliver you a grand slam performance that includes lots of painal. Well a little painal at first as we see this girl’s up for anything once and is more than excited to have all her holes violated in a an awesomely good way. Wayne’s World!! Wayne’s World!!! And the hole that gets the most violation is her asshole for sure I must say and the cheeks that surround that beautiful sphincter is one fine piece of meat. Her favorite feature she claims is also her arch and I’m not going to challenge you on that since I’m a legs and ass kind of guy but your tits are also pretty spectacular honey. So as we undress our pin up girl, Tyler starts to rub his perverted hands all over her milky white skin and it’s very apparent she’s super sensitive and loves a stranger’s touch. So hot, just so fucking hot how she twitches and jerks with every caress of his fingers on her pussy. Foreplay? Yea she likes to have her neck kissed but there’s no priming needed of this girl’s pump because as soon as Tyler’s tongue glides over her clit she practically leaps off the bed for her first orgasm of the day. To say this girl’s orgasmic and can have countless numbers of continuous O’s is comparable only to the vast endlessness of our universe, or the energizer bunny for those of you that don’t look up occasionally, and all of them they just keep going, and going, and going, and going. So many orgasms in fact that we all lost track, including her, of the number as she nervously admitted that she enjoyed having a bunch of strangers treat her and her holes like a little fuck doll. I sometimes have to remember that this is someone’s daughter, but then I quickly snap out of that silly thought when I conclude that nature & evolution made girls to be slutty little submissive whores like this to ensure the survival of the species. I even think she thanked us afterwards for the utter perverse treatment of her orifices that included Ass to Mouth and you’re welcome honey. Glad we could help out. I just love debauchery don’t you?


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