[Exploited College Girls] Katie Carmine

[Exploited College Girls] Katie Carmine
Today we have 23year old redhead Katie Carmine for you and she’s making up for lost time. Katie is a late bloomer losing her virginity at 20 and having her first kiss at 18! Don’t hear that very often these days but trust me, when asked how many guys she’s fucked since she replied, “Oh it’s a lot. I don’t even know the number.” Yeah I’d say you’re making up for lost time because she revealed that number to me back at the hotel. It’s a hundred or more so go get’em Katie. Katie’s also a self-proclaimed slutty girl and we love it. We’re all sluts Katie and welcome to the fun club. Let’s see, I hate to break this news but Katie’s also not a genuine redhead. Sorry ginger lovers, but she is a genuine first timer who usually finds all her hookups on tinder and likes one night stands to satisfy those carnal urges and Katie’s got a big surprise for all of them. Well let’s just say BUSH ALERT and I do mean BUSH! Yes that pretty pink pussy has NEVER BEEN SHAVED before and even after 18 years of shooting 1st timers Katie is my first to let me shave those never been trimmed lips, and I have to admit, I dug it. Now this girl loves sex, wants sex, and needs sex. Badly, and Jay forgoes the usual car sex after seeing just how bushy that bush was in the car and races back to the hotel room for moi to clean that slit up and make it pretty. So once back at the hotel it’s revealed to me that I get the honors and I jump at the opportunity to shave this girl for the first time and I have to say, I like my handy work. Both Katie and Jay approve also and she thinks she will start keeping it smooth down there from now on. Now to say Katie likes sex is an understatement and after we set that pussy free and let those lips breath, things get started with our lovely naked on the bed? Why have her get dressed again right? This girl is primed and ready to go as soon as she sees a hard cock and I never would have guessed all the firsts for this girl today. She’s never masturbated before, never had any butt play, never rimmed a guy’s ass before, never been DP’d with toys before or let 2 guys do things to her before. We took care of all that today and let our little Katie show us just how good she can suck and fuck. As Jay kept saying, “I was not expecting this today” but was pleasantly surprised at how “not” shy and super sexual and open minded our Katie was. Even I got into the fun a little, getting to rub that sweet pussy as she sucked off Jay on her way to 7 orgasms and more than doubling her old record of 3 in one fuck session. Katie may come across shy and inexperienced but her enthusiasm and willingness to please and do everything we told her to do for her first sex on camera more than made this a fantastic shoot. Oh and if I didn’t say, Katie is an expert cock sucker… She is. She can suck a cock with the best of them and she also found out she digs tonguing ass. So sit back and enjoy Katie. We did.

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