[Exploited College Girls] Annette Benz: Part 2

[Exploited College Girls] Annette Benz: Part 2
Hey BackRoomCastingCouch? BlackAmbush? Can you help a CRACKER out? Fuck yeah they can. Meet 18-year-old Annette Benz who’s just one of the most beautiful ebony, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Black mixed princesses that we’ve had the pleasure to exploit. Her debuts are over at our sister sites just mentioned so go check’em out. They are hotties. Ok, so again there is just so much awesomely hot mouthal sucking and fucking, erect male phallus in wet vagina while firm hands are squeezing around sweet smooth neck skin while unclothed barely legal hot ass is in the air during the car sex… OH!!! Did I mention it’s ANAL DAY? It’s fucking ANAL DAY with a scene that’s over 2 hours long in its entirety so we are breaking it into 2 parts. Giving you both parts today of course because this girl deserves to be served up as a full course meal. OK lets get to the banquet shall we. Annette drifts into the car were her anal pounder awaits and she is whisked off to have the usual car sex warm up we give all the girls, and what a warm it is. Jake wastes no time in getting this girl naked and I don’t blame him. Annette is fucking hot with a body built for sex and lips on that mouth of hers meant to be wrapped around a stiffy. So after we find out that Annette doesn’t have a lot of sex in her personal life, W.T.F? I know, such a waste of pretty pussy and it always seems to be the hot ones that say this. So we probe this unsuspecting newbie further and find out she’s sex starved because she’s never found anyone that knows what they’re doing. Lucky for Annette, Jake’s just her preferred white boys with tats type and knows how to use his tool giving this sex starved girl exactly what she needs, and Annette needed it. Badly. Jake fucks this dark girl silly and in his own words, “that was a really solid warm up & some of the best car sex I’ve ever had.” I agree Jake. What a prelude to the incredible anal pounding that awaits this girl back at the hotel room. Part 1 is the car sex and concludes with Annette’s post shoot confession before taking a shower and cleaning that dirty mind and naughty body off of all the filth and perversion that was just had. Part 2 is of the hot hotel anal pounding she receives and I do mean pounding. This is one of the hottest scenes to date I think and it’s only her 2nd anal scene and more shockingly it’s only the 3rd cock that’s seen Uranus Annette! I know a star is born. This industry is were you need to be. Trust me you’re not a rising star. You’re already a star girl. Yes this scene is long and deep. Just like Jake’s cock in Annette’s pussy and ass. So hold on boys and girls. Keep all hands, feet and genitals inside the moving car at all times because the rocket ship is taking off and Annette won’t be able to walk straight for a week after her anal pounding today. Make sure you check out both parts. Both parts. Parts 1 & 2, this is Part 2. You’re welcome.

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