[SweetHeartVideo] Jade Baker, Reagan Foxx: Mother Lover Society 20 Scene 4 – Confessions!

[SweetHeartVideo] Jade Baker, Reagan Foxx: Mother Lover Society 20 Scene 4 – Confessions!
Debbie (Jade Baker) voices her disappointment to her two friends Karen (Macy Meadows) and Carter (Jessie Saint). She can’t believe that they both went through with that stupid pact. Sleeping with your stepmom is wrong and nobody will make her think otherwise. That stubbornness annoyed Carter a lot. She doesn’t have to do it if she doesn’t want to, but she had no right to judge them. Plus, they all know that she loves older women and has feelings for her stepmom also. The three friends fight, and Debbie leaves them furious. When she get home her older sister Valerie (Sophie Sparks) teases her sister, but Debbie is not in the mood to laugh and the two sisters engage in a brawl. Carmen (Reagan Foxx) runs in the living room and separates them. Debbie runs to her room and Valerie leaves for a drink with her stepsister Christine (Kasey Warner). Mad, Debbie can’t control her feelings, when her mom enters her room to find out if everything is okay, Debbie can’t control her emotions and tells her everything. This revelation caught Carmen off guard, but also relieved her of a terrible secret, she also has difficulty to deal with her desire for her husband’s daughter.

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