[Perv Mom] Alyssa Jade: My Stepmom Is A Nymphomaniac

[Perv Mom] Alyssa Jade: My Stepmom Is A Nymphomaniac
Alyssa Jade is always trying to please the men in her family. She pleases her husband by sending him hot selfies, and she pleases her stepson by helping him out with some cash every now and again. She does sometimes ask for things in return though, and today she asked her stepson to help her take hot pics for his father. stepson got hard from doing this and Alyssa went to go suck his bulge. stepson got too freaked out and could not let her finish. The next day Alyssa sent her stepson a nude selfie and told him to meet her in the shower. All she could think about was his dick. Before long she was sucking it and fucking it. stepson even worked up the courage to finish this time. A few days later Alyssa busted into stepsons room super nervous. His stepdad found a picture she took with stepsons jizz on her face. She was screwed. stepson was trying to figure out how to fix the situation, but Alyssa kept grabbing at his cock. She wanted it one last time. What stepmom wants stepmom gets, so stepson had no choice but to please her and give her a facial. He was a bit of a dick about it this time though. He snapped a pic of her cum drenched face and vowed to show it to his stepdad. Maybe that will teach her a lesstepson!


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