[My Pervy Family] Victoria June: Cynthia Isn’t Real, But I Am!

[My Pervy Family] Victoria June: Cynthia Isn’t Real, But I Am!
I was focusing on kicking ass in a big boss level when my step-aunt gets in my line of sight. She was yammering about something that I was trying to ignore when she mentioned Cynthia, my pocket pussy – so I started listening. Apparently she thinks she is a “cool” step-aunt. To be honest, when she asked me to show her how I use Cynthia, THAT was pretty cool. She seemed fascinated as I slid Cynthia on to my hard cock. She asked if she could help, so she moved Cynthia up & down for me. She couldn’t stop staring, it was a little awkward so I asked her if she wanted to taste my cock, like, just to be polite ya know? My step-aunt didn’t hesitate to say yes and started mowing down on my dick right away. She sat on top of me and beat me with her big tits, smacking my face over & over. That got me going, so she slid my hard cock inside her wet pussy. Then, I lifted up her dress and fucked her hard from behind – God she has an amazing ass! She let me get on top of her, her big titties bouncing around as I crammed my cock in her MILF pussy, until I came inside my step-aunt. She asked me to promise I was going to get rid of Cynthia when it was all done… I thought she was supposed to be a ‘cool’ step-aunt!? Whatever, this big boss level isn’t going to kick its own ass.


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