[My Pervy Family] Sadie Blake: Step-Sis Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Me

[My Pervy Family] Sadie Blake: Step-Sis Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Me
How embarrassing! I was just chilling, cranking one out to some porn at the kitchen table on a Tuesday afternoon when my stepsister Sadie walks in! I wasn’t sure if she like 100% caught me at the time, but I think my raging boner sorta gave it away. I probably shouldn’t have just left the laptop there either, that’s 101 stuff. Anyway… my stepsister obviously looked at it because there she was being all sexy, confronting me about porn and how ‘we all do it’. Super weird, but something about my stepsis talking about porn and masturbating and stuff… I couldn’t help but get another boner. She clearly noticed the growing bulge in my pants, but this must have excited her as well cause instead of her being grossed out by my bodies clear reaction towards her – she asked if I wanted her to play with it instead?!?! Before I could really gather my thoughts to what was actually happening, she had my cock out & started to jerk it as she gently sucked my balls. I could tell that she wanted more when she bent over and exposed her swollen slit to me. She got super wet when I dipped my cock deep into her from behind and started moaning right away! I pulled my stepsister’s hair while I fucked her good! Man… what a little slut as she kept cumming from the rough sex. She could tell I couldn’t hold it in any longer, my nuts were swelling up full of cum. She got on her knees and let me spew my load all over her pretty face. Getting caught jerking off was a little embarrassing, but it all worked out in the end. Hey… if it could happen to me, it could happen to you!


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