[My Pervy Family] Reyna Delacruz: You’re Not Taking Advantage Of Me…

[My Pervy Family] Reyna Delacruz: You’re Not Taking Advantage Of Me…
My dad just got married again and my new stepsister Reyna is incredible! I shouldn’t, but I can’t stop thinking about her. We kinda fooled around after a party one night, but I had to stop it because it was just wrong… she’s my stepsister! Ever since then I can feel her eyes on me whenever we’re around eachother. She is so hot, and I can feel myself being weak – so I do my best to just leave and not give in. I guess she clued-in because she wanted to talk and the next thing I know we were kissing! She can tell that I’m trying my best to refrain, so she tells me not to worry. No one will find out, and to just relax and go with the flow. Fuck it… I take her advice and allow her to pull out my raging boner. She begins to suck my cock with her beautiful full lips, and swirls her playful tongue around the head of my cock. I knew I was in trouble and if I allowed her to keep teasing me with her mouth, that I would explode too soon… So I scooped her up, spread her legs and ate my teen stepsister’s little pussy and finger fucked her until she had a massive orgasm and squirted everywhere! Now it was my turn to cum!! I got on top of her and penatrated her soaked pussy as deep as I could! I could tell she loved every inch of my cock by how hard she would dig her nails into me with each pounding thrust into her. Then I let her sit on my big cock and bounce her tight teen pussy all over it till I couldn’t take it any longer… and just creampied my stepsister’s tight hole with my full fertile load. Man, I hope she is on birth control….


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