[My Pervy Family] Mackenzie Mace: Prankin’ In The Park

[My Pervy Family] Mackenzie Mace: Prankin’ In The Park
This is unbelievable but my stepsister’s hot friend Tiffany is finally paying attention to me! I guess she got Mackenzie Mace to help her, maybe she is too shy herself?? Anyway, as my stepsister gives me instructions over the phone I (Johnny Love) find the note Tiffany left in the park. She’s always had a fantasy of watching me jerk off, I had no idea – what a pervert!! I pull my cock out & start beating away, hoping to see Tiffany come out of the bushes soon. Instead, my bratty stepsister jumps out and sprays me with a squirt gun. An April Fool’s revenge! How embarrassing, she has it on video too! She seems to feel sorry for me, she knows I’ve always had a crush on Tiffany… She tells me she liked watching me jerk my big cock. The next I know she’s slurping down my meat, she even sucks my balls. She lets me finger both her pussy & tight asshole! She gets all wet & starts backing into my cock after I penetrate her teen pussy. She rides me hard, making herself cum before I flip over & fuck her hairy hole some more. She allows me to cum all over her face & mouth. These are the kind of pranks I can deal with.


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