[My Pervy Family] Leana Lovings: But I Have A Girlfriend Now

[My Pervy Family] Leana Lovings: But I Have A Girlfriend Now
I promised myself I wouldn’t let her get me going again, especially since I have a new girlfriend now. But my naughty stepsister Leana Lovings is an evil temptress, a succubus! She comes out of nowhere when I’m about to take a wiz. She’s wearing glasses, a belly top & panties – that’s it. You can clearly see her nipples through her shirt. She doesn’t hesitate to grab & wank my cock a little, but I’ve been down this road before & I’m not for being teased. So I brush her off & decide to go jerk one off, definitely not thinking about my stepsister. That little pervert popped out of nowhere again & this time I don’t think she’s messing around. She shows me her perfect tits and lets me touch her shaved teen pussy. She starts to lick & suck my hard cock. Leanna slides her tight pussy down on my cock and rides me for a bit. She lets me turn her around and fuck her good from behind. while I squeeze & slap her amazing ass. I get on top of her and start pulverizing her little pussy and she begs me for to creampie her…I couldn’t hold it much longer and popped deep in my stepsister’s gash. My girlfriend is going to be so mad if she finds out!


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