[Mommys Girl] Lauren Phillips, Aria Carson: To Spank Or Not To Spank

[Mommys Girl] Lauren Phillips, Aria Carson: To Spank Or Not To Spank
Lauren Phillips and her stepdaughter, Aria Carson, come home after a day out. Aria is outraged to have seen a parent publicly spanking her youth, while Lauren feels that there is nothing wrong with it. Lauren and Aria get into a heated debate about spanking, with Aria against it and Lauren for it. Aria, realizing that neither one of them has ever been spanked/spanked anyone, suggests that Lauren spank HER. After some initial surprise and hesitation, Lauren agrees to give it a try just to put the argument to rest. Lauren tentatively spanks Aria once and they’re BOTH unexpectedly taken aback by the interesting tingling sensation. Lauren continues spanking Aria, both of them getting caught up in the moment as the tingling heat becomes more and more intense. They struggle to hide the fact that they’re getting aroused from each other but their lust soon slips through… Now it’s time to very much turn pain into pleasure!

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