[Mommys Girl] Khloe Kapri, Sheena Ryder: ‘Playtime’

[Mommys Girl] Khloe Kapri, Sheena Ryder: ‘Playtime’
Sheena Ryder is just about to have an online meeting when her stepdaughter, Khloe Kapri, skips into the room. Khloe whines about wanting playtime, though Sheena assures her that they’ll have playtime after her meeting. If Khloe wants to be able to enjoy all the nice things she has, then Sheena has to work! Although Khloe is pouty, she shuffles away to leave Sheena in peace… Sheena sighs and gets on the call, chatting with her coworkers. Mere minutes later, she’s startled when Khloe suddenly appears behind her, whining about her still working. Sheena is embarrassed and sends Khloe away… though Khloe still doesn’t stay away for long as she comes back a third time! Finally, Sheena realizes that she’s NOT going to get any work done and excuses herself from the call. As soon as Sheena gives in, Khloe excitedly brings her face close to Sheena’s pussy, showing EXACTLY what their playtime is all about.

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