[Mommy’s Girl] Kenzi Taylor, Kit Mercer, Lana Sharapova: Good Mom, Bad Mom

[Mommy’s Girl] Kenzi Taylor, Kit Mercer, Lana Sharapova: Good Mom, Bad Mom
Kit Mercer and Kenzie Taylor are two step-mothers at their wit’s end! Their step-daughter, Lana Sharapova, has been causing a lot of trouble lately because of how mischievous and rebellious she is. The problem is, both Kit and Kenzie have two different parenting styles and can’t agree how to tackle the situation.

After sending Lana to her bedroom after yet another incident, Kit and Kenzie try to come up with a plan together. Kenzie wants to be stern while Kit thinks they should approach things gently. When Kenzie comments that Kit is too soft, Kit decides to show her that, even despite this, she’ll be the one to get through to Lana!
When Kit tries to win Lana over by being overly motherly, bringing the teen in against her bosom. Lana becomes flustered and aroused by this move, barely paying attention as Kit gently scolds her. But when Lana tries to play with Kit’s breasts, Kit cheekily tells her that she can only get more IF she behaves! Of course, Lana promises that she’ll be good… though Kenzie isn’t convinced.

Naturally, a couple days later, Lana misbehaves again and now it’s Kenzie’s turn to punish her. She goes straight for the spanking, which shocks but arouses Lana, who doesn’t seem all that bothered by the discipline. Just like before, she promises that she’ll be good, which satisfies Kenzie, although Kit has a feeling Lana’s still up to no good.

Unsurprisingly, Lana once again finds herself in trouble days later. Since Kit and Kenzie are almost out of ideas, they reflect on how Lana got so flustered before.

Maybe it’s because of all the teenage hormones that Lana’s always acting up… With that in mind, Kit and Kenzie decide to team up to discipline their daughter TOGETHER in a way that’ll be fun for ALL of them.

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