[Mommys Girl] Katie Morgan, Coco Lovelock: Commitment Ceremony

[Mommys Girl] Katie Morgan, Coco Lovelock: Commitment Ceremony
Coco Lovelock is getting ready, putting on a wedding dress and checking her makeup. It appears as if she is about to get married. Her stepmom Katie Morgan checks on her from the other side of the door, asking Coco if she’s okay. Coco says she’s nervous, but good. Katie leaves Coco alone, and a moment later, Coco exits the room while holding a bouquet of flowers. Coco steps into the living room, revealing that Katie is waiting for her there. Katie is also wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet. It becomes clear that Coco and Katie are about to marry each other. They exchange loving, romantic vows. It is further revealed that Coco and Katie are in a secret relationship, and that this ceremony is just a symbolic one, because Katie is still married to Coco’s other parent. They exchange promise bracelets, finally declaring that – even though it is not official – they are married. Overcome with love, they decide to consummate the marriage. They kiss, and start making love while still partially wearing their pretty wedding dresses. Eventually, they completely remove the dresses to expose their beautiful bodies, and lavish even further attention upon each other. They have the rest of their lives together, and even though it won’t always be easy, they’re going to enjoy it as much as they can…

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