[Mommys Boy] Natasha Nice: The Birds & The Behinds

[Mommys Boy] Natasha Nice: The Birds & The Behinds
Natasha Nice is doing some cleaning in her living room when her stepson, Juan Loco, walks in. He appears a little nervous and asks if he can talk to her about something personal. Natasha assures him that he can talk to her about whatever he likes, and invites him to sit down with her on the couch. Juan reveals that he has a question about sex- but not just ANY kind of sex… he wants to know about ANAL sex… Juan explains that anal sex seems to be the only kind of sex he is interested in, though he’s never tried it before. He worries though that he might be weird since no one else at school seems to be interested in it. Natasha assures him that anal sex is perfectly normal, and even admits that she likes anal sex EVEN MORE than other types of sex. Natasha tells Juan that she actually misses anal sex quite a bit, given that her current partner is too old-fashioned to try it. Juan sees this as a perfect opportunity: he needs to learn about anal and Natasha misses having it- so why don’t they have anal sex together? It’s a win-win! Natasha considers the offer, and although she thinks it might be a little inappropriate, she is moved by Juan’s plea and sweet little doe eyes. Natasha agrees, and leads Juan through his first anal encounter- teaching him everything he needs to know about the birds and the… well, you know the rest.


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