[Mommys Boy] Misty Stone, Daya Knight: Get Along, You Two!

[Mommys Boy] Misty Stone, Daya Knight: Get Along, You Two!
Daya Knight is relaxing when her stepbrother, Davon Drake, walks by and casually mentions looking for their stepmom, Misty Stone. Instantly, they start bickering, accusing each other of hogging their stepmother. But it quickly becomes clear that they’re both looking for MORE than just some wholesome quality time with Misty!
As they bicker, Misty interrupts them, tired of all the hostility. That’s when she pulls out a pair of handcuffs. If they want to keep having sexy times with her, then they HAVE to learn how to get along… and what better way is there to learn to cooperate than to be handcuffed together? Although Daya and Dravon protest, neither one of them wants to risk losing their stepmother’s affections, so they begrudgingly hold out their hands.
After they’re handcuffed, things just get worse. Daya and Dravon STILL can’t get along as they struggle to do even the simplest of tasks, like tying shoes or eating a meal. At this rate, they’re NEVER going to get out of the cuffs OR get frisky with Misty again! That’s when they decide to PRETEND to get along to appease Misty, but she sees right through them. If they want to be uncuffed, then Daya and Dravon will need to work TOGETHER to please her!

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