[Mommys Boy] Marie McCray: Meant Every Word

[Mommys Boy] Marie McCray: Meant Every Word
While preparing lunches for her husband and stepson, Marie McCray decides to put a personal touch and include two letters with them. She writes one for her stepson, Jay Romero, and another RAUNCHY one for her husband. Late for school, Jay bursts in and accidentally grabs the wrong bag. Marie doesn’t notice and continues about her day. When Jay comes home later that day, he acts shy and awkward around Marie. He eventually asks if she actually meant what she wrote in the note. Still unaware of the switcheroo, she says that she meant every word, but is taken aback when Jay tries to kiss her. Marie immediately stops Jay and questions what he’s doing. In the ensuing confusion, Jay reveals the note, and Marie realizes he accidentally grabbed her husband’s lunch instead of his. Marie is about to explain what happened but gets sidetracked when she questions if Jay REALLY wanted to have sex with her. Jay is embarrassed but admits to having feelings for Marie. She’s touched and offers to live up to her promise from the note, letting Jay burn off his lunch by pounding her sweet pussy all afternoon long.


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