[Mommys Boy] Christie Stevens: Closer To Home

[Mommys Boy] Christie Stevens: Closer To Home
Christie Stevens tells her stepson, Jay Romero, that responses to his college applications have arrived in the mail. He opens one, and finds that he has been accepted at a local college. Christie is emotional about Jay growing up, but happy that he’ll be staying at home with her. Jay then opens the other letter, which is from a college in another country. It says that Jay has been accepted there as well. To Christie’s horror, Jay decides that THIS is the college he wants to attend!
Christie asks Jay why he wants to attend the college that’s in another country. As Jay lists his reasons, she counters all of his points, desperately trying to convince him to pick the local college instead. Despite Christie’s convincing words, Jay says there’s still one really big reason why going to another country would be best. At first he’s evasive about what it is, but then admits that he’s talking about getting laid. Still desperate, Christie says that Jay can bring girls home. But Jay says that girls probably won’t want to have sex with him if he’s still living at home.
As a last ditch effort, Christie offers to let Jay have sex with HER as much as he wants. He asks if this is a joke, but she insists that she’s very serious… even if he wants to have sex with her EVERY night. That’s enough to finally convince Jay, so he eagerly kisses her and licks her neck, and then moves on to tasting her nipples and her pussy!


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