[Exploited College Girls] Rose Wylde: 18 year old

[Exploited College Girls] Rose Wylde: 18 year old
ROSE’s are red and violets are blue, what’s WYLDE in bed and likes getting HIT IN THE FACE during sex? Yes Tyler and I were both a little taken back by some of the things today’s exploit said she likes during sex and in fact there’s not much else this unassuming 18 year old talked about today. Well she did state she worked at an Oliver Garden when we asked her how old she was when she lost her virginity. Still trying to wrap my brain around that response, but they do have amazing never-ending bread sticks there. Yep! Other than warm lightly garlic sprinkled bread sticks I’d say the topic of the day was overly controlled and dominated with Rose’s utter fascination with rough sex and dominant men. This girl knows what she wants and she wants rough sex and has an ongoing love affair of dominance and pain that doesn’t end with men, women, or the bedroom mattress. You see Rose Wylde is today’s exploitee and she states that she hates, and “hates” is a pretty strong word I might add to describe something with, but she states she hates submissive men. And further emphasized her rather deep distain for submissive people in general and even declared full outright disgust of submissive individuals. You know I had a hard time believing this unassumingly smiley girl for the first part of her interview until she said this: “I can’t even be friends with someone who’s submissive to me, it disgusts me” and I believe her! Well ok then honey, please don’t hold back and do tell us your “true feelings”. Just remember, you should always be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Now hold on a darn tooting minute everyone. If you really think we punched this unassuming sweet looking girl in the face we didn’t. What we did do was unleash our newly purchased Sybian on her and we turned that motherfucker up to 11!!! Yeah we tortured this poor girl’s clit until it was rosier than a RED Jelly belly. Yep! We went reaching deep into the old bag of ExCoGi tricks today to give this newbie what no regular “Averaged Joe” could deliver. And trust me when I say Tyler Nixon used a whole lot of his uncontrolled oversexed charisma to shatter this newbie’s orgasm record and I think she’d agree she got dominated today. Well I guess that about does it and there’s not a whole lot more to write about so just go watch the domination of Rose Wylde everyone and enjoy. Steve.


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