[Exploited College Girls] Malory Malibu, Audrey Hempburne: 3way

[Exploited College Girls] Malory Malibu, Audrey Hempburne: 3way
You knew we had to keep Malory longer than 1 day to maximize on this sweety right? So yes, 18 year old Malory Malibu lost her virginity the day before this shoot so we had to capture this “oh so special moment” of her licking her first pussy with her roomy Audrey Hempburne and today is that day! Now Malory is a little sore from the pounding she took yesterday but rest assured there’s lots of perversion in this fuck session. Anyways it’s all about Malory licking her first pussy right? So as we probe, we find out these two girls are roommates back in LA and Hempburne is taking Malory under her wing to show her the INS & OUTS of the porn business. Yes, the old IN & OUT of the jizz biz, lol. But rest assured perverted fans, they have abstained from performing pleasures of the flesh on each other until today just for your viewing pleasure. And what pleasures abound! So for this shoot we forgo the pleasantries of an interview. Why you ask? Because frankly who wants to hear these two talk. We want Perversion and Debauchery! Perversion and Debauchery! Perversion and Debauchery! Perversion and Debauchery! And who am I to withhold what my masses want. Give the people what they want right? So we start these two girls off with a little kiss. No reason to go stampeding towards the clitoris and Malory’s awkwardness is just adorable. Adorable! And to temper her into her first ever Girl/Girl experience we have Audrey go down on this lost virginity whore first. Does she enjoy it? You have to watch. Next we switch these two and Malory dives into the Audrey’s Sea of pussy and she takes to it like a duck takes to water. The way her tongue flicks over Audrey’s pussy is a sight to behold. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Next the Hitachi comes out and Malory sucks Jake’s cock for her first official 3some ever! SO glad we could capture this moment with picture movies. Next Jake enjoys the sinful pleasures of a double blowjob which he thoroughly enjoyed by the way. There’s lots of ball sucking, deep-throating, and I hope you enjoy the new perspective it’s shot in. I like it. Next up is fucking and the girls rotate as one is fucked while the other enjoys the spectacular view and dives into licking that clit as the other gets fucked. The look on Malory’s face is worth the video by itself and Audrey is of course her orgasmic self. There is lots of pussy to mouth and swapping of bodily fluids in this scene for sure to stroke to and of course everything is shot in multiple camera angles with PIP for your viewing and stroking pleasure. We got you. Next Malory gets a very good lesson in how to lick and finger fuck a wet pussy. Something every girl needs to know when entering adulthood. Next up the girls get into 69’s and lick each other as one is getting fucked by Jake’s massive cock and it ends with Jake dumping his load in Audrey’s pussy and Malory eating his cum out of Audrey’s quivering pussy. Snowballing anyone? So sit back and enjoy another first for Malory in this epic scene in all its perverted glory.

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