[Exploited College Girls] Maddi, Megan: Threeway

[Exploited College Girls] Maddi, Megan: Threeway
So this 3way almost didn’t happen people! But thankfully you have Maddi’s dad to thank that it did. How can this be Steve, you ask? Well sit back, relax and let me tell you the story… So we all thought Maddi went MIA on us the day before this shoot was to happen cuz she wasn’t answering her phone. Did she get cold feet you ask? Had reality set in on our little starlet that she had just fucked on camera for the first time the day before and she was backing out of the 3way, leaving Phoenix without telling anyone? Could she be lying in a gutter injured or hurt? Do tell, Do tell… WELL! We found out later that Maddi is a little bad ass, and she had almost smacked around a crack whore in South Phoenix who had stolen her phone from her while at the mall. But Steve, you ask, how could she have know were her phone was? Well let me explain… Who do you think could she possible call to help her? Who has always been there for her when she fell down and scraped her knee on the playground? Who took her to ice cream after she was punished and got a bare bottom spanking? Who was there to teach her how to drive stick? Daddy? Yes Daddy to the rescue… She called her dad to activate “Find My iPhone” on his computer and saved his little slut of a daughter’s porn shoot. Of course she failed to fill him in on exactly what she was doing in Phoenix HAHAHA… But I’m sure this will be one time he wishes he wasn’t there for his little darling’s call. Now that is what I call supporting your daughter’s career choices and helping make her dreams cum true, no matter what that career choice or dream is LOL. So once we get past the drama from the day before and we begin getting our little sluts ready to lick, probe, suck and fuck whatever is in front of their faces, we find out that this is Maddi’s first 3way and first time licking a girls pussy ever. Watching these two sexy girls get so excited by touching and licking each other’s bodies is exactly what porn foreplay should be. Yes they try every fucking sex toy in our little bag of tricks on their eager pussies; making each cum multiple times even before either of them gets a cock in them. Next we tell the girls to take turns licking each other while getting Jackrabbited by Cam from behind and you can see the enthusiasm on their faces as these girls take turns bury their faces in pussy. The all you can eat buffet is open! But once Cam gets involved for a double BJ you know one of them is going to rim Cam’s ass. Go for the gusto Megan, what enthusiasm! Put some tongue in it girlfriend. You bet Maddi’s enthusiasm was equally matched as she looked like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose that little slut as they worked Cam’s tools. Damn girls! Sex here at ExCoGi is not good unless we push our true first timers to do things they haven’t before. And there were many FIRST to be had! As Megan said, “I’ve done a lot of firsts in this room”, and “I’m such a whore!” So true Megan, so true. These girls cannot be just a little bit of a whore… They have to be total whores! Each taking turns licking pussy from a 69 position as Cam rams his cock balls deep in the others pussy. It gives new meaning to the term “Tea Bagging”, and Maddi eating Megan’s pussy and licking balls simultaneously like she hasn’t eaten in weeks! Beautiful. Almost brought a tear to my eye. Watch as these first time camera whores cum in almost every position we put them in as they whore their little way to slutsville. And the facial at the end? Epic. We at ExCoGi just love that awkward, reluctant, surprised reaction from girls when they aren’t expecting the facials or the amount of cum our studs unload on them. A close second is how much we love capturing closet sluts whoring out on camera for their first time sexual experiences; and all for our adoring fans to enjoy! This shoot almost didn’t happen. But I’m sure we can all agree that were glad it did! Yes they came multiple times and we hope you all do as well. Steve

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