[Exploited College Girls] Londyn
Filipina-mix Londyn is the kind of chick you want to bang the second you meet her. She’s super pretty, got that calm-yet-energetic vibe going on, and you just know she puts out like a freak in the sheets if you push her buttons right. Before we get to that though we find a present in the hotel lobby, talk about her sexual history (surprisingly tame for a hot girl like that), likes and dislikes, and all the other stuff we like to know a guy might want to know before we dip our sticks in to strange receptacles. We watch our dental assistant school student masturbate to orgasm with a toy to get her loosened up. Londyn confesses to sucking off 20 guys in her life. Let’s make it 21 – enter guest stud and ladies man Mr Vince. Vibrator still in Londyn’s tiny Asian pussy, she sucks on Vince’s dick like it’s a slice of durian (Philippines reference for ya), then sucks him some more and even lets him face-fuck her until there are tears (of joy, no doubt) in her eyes. After some sweet 69 – can’t say no to that tasty Asian peach! – it’s boom boom time (OK enough with the Asian stereotype references). May we just say Londyn’s ass is one of the nicest we’ve ever seen when she’s bouncing on Mr V’s dick in reverse cowgirl? Luckily we always capture all the action with 3 cameras at once so you don’t miss a thing. And OMG, you really don’t want to miss that bouncing ass and titties, and Londyn’s gorgeous face as she’s getting fucked hard and good by our stud. She’s really digging doggy style, too, so much so that they do it a few times with slight variations (so you guys can see EVERYTHING – face, pussy getting fucked, her body) as she’s getting pounded on all fours. We even do a split-screen of Londyn in the K9 position. We really cover all the bases. And we’re only getting started!

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