[Exploited College Girls] Lindsey Lane: 19 Years Old
So your mom knows you’re here doing this? “Well, she knows I’m here but she doesn’t know what I’m doing. She thinks I’m doing a lingerie shoot.” Love that Lindsey and as you will find out today, a whole new world opens up when you start lying to your parents and today’s going to be a special treat for all of you. It’s 19 year-old Lindsey Lane who’s from a small town and she’s here to experience the bright lights, big city experience. Her hometown is so small in fact there must not be enough guys to sample and figure out what good sex is and Lindsey’s here for her first sex on camera accompanied by a whole lot of firsts. And the first thing we find out is Lindsey wants to fuck Tyler real bad because she hasn’t had sex in 5 months. These guys from her hometown must also be idiots. How can you not just want to fuck this girl? Cute as fuck, perfect and I do mean perfect little pussy that just begs to be licked and have a tongue stuck in it. Kicking body and she’s got an ass that streams slap me and treat me like the whore I want to be. Whoa whoa whoa Steve. Whore? Whore is a pretty strong word to describe a sweet and innocent little girl like Lindsey with. Well before you all go shooting the messenger, Lindsey likes it rough and degrading. She prefers it actually and unfortunately we failed to ask this wolf in sheep’s clothing sex kitten all of these crucial questions at the beginning. Tyler was just so excited to fuck her he forgot what to ask and just gave her the girlfriend treatment. You know what that means right? We’ll just have to have her back and treat her like the slut she is and pronto. Ok Steve but after that Synopsys of Lindsey just how many firsts can there really be? Well let’s count the firsts shall we? So last things first and numero uno it’s this girls first facial ever and I believe her. This girl’s a pleaser and even though she wants to be treated like a whore she’s still looking for that special someone to whisper “I’m going to pound your fuck hole you sweet little fucking whore” into her ear while they degrade her. And you thought romance was lost. Ok, first numero dos: It’s her first orgasm ever. Yes we found this out also after the shoot and now for sure she wont be fucking any of the guys from her hometown again because she’s in love with Tyler’s cock, the sybian and her new best friend the magic wand. I think she’s going to go buy one and like pronto with the money she made today. And last but not least first numero tres: And this is a big one. Like so many girls inexperienced in great sex Lindsey thought she couldn’t squirt. Well we have the mystro with the golden fingers that can make 99.999999% of all women squirt and it happened within 5 seconds of Rocky playing with that pretty pink pussy of hers. “How? How is that possible?” is what Lindsey said in disbelief when Rocky’s fingers were covered in her cum. Well you’re welcome honey and maybe we’ll start including Rocky and his amazing ability to make any girl squirt as a regular feature here. So get ready everyone and grab your lube because Lindsey is very spank worth, very. This scene is almost 2 hours long and worth every pussy-dripping minute. Enjoy Steve.


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