[Exploited College Girls] Kayley Gunner: 23 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Kayley Gunner: 23 Years Old
We’ll be there quicker than you can say “Big Cocks”. Yes we have a certified ex-military machine gunner and all out badass for today’s exploitee. Meet 23 year-old first timer Kayley Gunner. She’s super excited and nervous but still a badass hottie with a big booty and the first things you meet are her twins popping through her top in all their perky glory. Yes Kayley isn’t shy and confesses the military bought her her tits, so that’s something else to thank our armed services for. Not only is freedom worth fighting for, so are recently purchased fake ginormous titties! Thanks Uncle Sam, Jake will surely enjoy these fun guns. We salute you! Now Kayley is a wild thing and may know how to handle a big ass machine gun but she has been cursed with the mediocre cock syndrome her whole life. And Kayley’s no spring chicken or sheltered little thing neither. No! She’s been a round the block more than a few times yes, but all those blocks were cursed with guys and their small mediocre cocks. Well all that’s about to change today Kayley and it’s about time, because were going to drive you around the ExCoGi block of big cocks today and we get right to it. “Oh boy don’t put me on the spot” Kayley says as Jake probes our machine gun hottie and gets her right naked, right quick. Yes SIR! This girl knows how to follow orders and escapes out of her clothes right quick as drill sergeant Jake feels up our newbie and is bursting with anticipation of drilling her with his gun. With a body like this Kayley you must like sports and we find out that our little slut in training likes girls just as much as guys, having her first lesbian experience as a high school cheerleader. Booya! I just love stories involving sex and cheerleaders and Kayley’s got a bunch, telling us that she’s had a few orgies and fucked a lot of her high school cheering pals. My dick’s getting hard and if yours doesn’t also after watching this car interview and hot as fuck car sex there is definitely something wrong with you. Oh, and your pussy wet also girls. Don’t want to forget the ladies that like porn. Yes girls like porn just as much guys and Kayley’s an admitted connoisseur of fuck flixs and confessed she looked up our man Jake to see what kind of a ride she’s in for today. “I’m never going back to mediocre cocks again” super sexually satisfied Kayley admitted during her post shoot interview before showering off all that hot sticky cum she got splatted with. “Today was the best sex I have ever had” were her last words, and parting words were never so sweet or so true. So grab your lube or favorite vibrator, lay back and watch this hot as fuck, rough sex video to see why it was the best sex of her life.

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