[Exploited College Girls] Fiona Frost, Sabrina Snow: 3way

[Exploited College Girls] Fiona Frost, Sabrina Snow: 3way
What time is it? It’s 3SOME time is what time it is. And it’s returning fan favorite Fiona Frost who graced us with her outstanding performance two weeks ago and now she’s back for round 3. Yes it’s her 3rd round with us and this girl can go the distance, going a total of 6 rounds and the Fiona Frost-fest is only halfway over thank God. So in round 1 she loses her pornginity on Backroom Casting Couch and then has a scorcher of a 2nd, and most wonderful romping round 2 in the ExCoGi sheets with Jake Adams. Go check them out they are hot. Round 4 is a BlackAmbush fuck-fest taking her first BBC ever. Round 5 is another proper analing by Jake on ExCogi and the final knockout 6th round is a first ever DP for her with Jake and Isiah here for all your viewing pleasure. This girl is going to be something special. Mark my words. Ok so back in the car we find out that Jay and Fiona are on their way to the airport to pick up Sabrina Snow, Fiona’s ex-roommate and chosen one. Chosen to deflower our hotness by parting the tender and oh so lovely folds between her legs. Yes Fiona’s pussy is that spectacularly beautiful and it just begs to be eaten. And guess what else? It’s also Sabrina’s first time to lick and be licked by someone of the female persuasion we find out. It certainly is a beautiful day to shoot porn, and yes these two are beautiful BFF’s who have only made it to first base together a few times, which makes it even more beautiful to watch. But all these past innocent pleasantries are in the rear view mirror I say because everything’s about to change today as they’ve decided to take things to the next level and do the dirty deed, and do it with us. Yes we just love filming hot girls doing naughty and nasty things for the first time, and of course because we have all the right camera angles to showcase it, I’m pretty happy it’s happening. I hope you all are as well. So Jay being the pervert and horn dog he is wastes no time with Fiona and gets her top off right quick to illustrate those spectacular tits, and I do mean spectacular. When her top came off I thought I saw fireworks but no, it was just those perky pierced nips just all sparkly and begging to be squeezed and manhandled. So yes we do talk to topless Fiona some in the car and find out a little bit about her on the drive just before Jay shoves her face down in his lap to take all of his cock down her throat as cars pass by. If they only knew what debauchery was taking place just a few feet away. Hotness. Anyways, Fiona’s a deep throat queen and I do mean queen. Lets all take a bow to her hotness and the skills she posses. It’s impressive. So let me say it gets so intense that Jay has to pull over to give Fiona’s throat the full attention it deserves and he pays it a lot of attention. “It’s going to be a good day”, the say to each other and proceed to the airport to pick up Sabrina, but before that he revels he has another surprise for her and revels not one, but two, magic wands that the girls can entertain their clits with on the way home. Once Sabrina’s in the car it gets known that she’s used one before, but it’s Fiona’s first time with the King of all Vibrators, the Mother Ship of electrical devices, The Whole Enchilada, YEEEAAAAHHH BABY!!! That’s what I’m talking about, and these two put the wands to simultaneous good use as they are both brought to the first of many orgasms of the day in the car. It’s hot, and things get even hotter. But how Steve? How do things get even hotter than dueling clit stimulators by first timers in a moving car? Did you really think Jay could contain himself while these two naked hotties are simultaneously stimulating their pleasure beans and just drive and watch? No, No, No of course not. But being the fast and on his feet thinker that he is, he pulls off to get a quick double blowjob in a very secluded and romantically beautiful alleyway where the girls obliged him and his stiff Johnson. This is one hot car ride and airport pickup so don’t fast forward. The Condo sex is just as hot and yes this scene is over 2 hours long as well, but I don’t think you’ll be complaining. If it’s hot as fuck sex, then who’s complaining about too much of a good thing? And everyone just wants more of a good thing right? Well this is an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT sex-fest so enjoy. And let the gluttony begin.

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