[Exploited College Girls] Evelyn Payne: 23 year old

[Exploited College Girls] Evelyn Payne: 23 year old
A lot of times we get first timers who are just this side of innocent and inexperienced, which is fine by us, but oh no, that’s not what we’ve got in store for you this week. Meet 23 year old blonde and beautiful Evelyn, a girl that lost her innocence somewhere in the 5th grade when she was dry humping her girlfriend and then lost her virginity at 12! If there was ever a girl born for sex, well we think we’ve got her right here! So what happens when you get started at such a tender age? You graduate into “the lifestyle” of course and wind up at swinger clubs fucking for days until you cum up for air before diving deep into somebodies lap again. Evelyn is really into the swinger thing and has practically done it all, guys, girls, toys, guys with toys etc. etc.. The one thing she hasn’t done is make a porno, which thankfully brings her to us, and yeah, it was inevitable right? Even though she has a girlfriend, she does have a thing for big cocks and was happy to jump on new guy Tyler for a great little fuck fest that had us going “damn girl!”, or maybe that was just her ass, we kinda lost track there for a while. In the end Evelyn winds up with a big cum covered smile and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy it just as much!


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