[Exploited College Girls] Dakota Tyler, Lumi Rey: I Just Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

[Exploited College Girls] Dakota Tyler, Lumi Rey: I Just Kissed A Girl And I Liked It
Boy oh boy is this hot and I know you all have been screaming for more of these two girls and this scene starts right out on the bed and we ask them what sort of experience they have with girls and 3somes. Well it’s both their first ever threesome and it’s the first time little miss Dakota has ever licked another girls pussy. Booya, and I’m not sure if it’s Tyler or the hotties that are more nervous for what’s about to happen. You see there’s some real chemistry going on here between the girls and Tyler and when combined in a ménage-a trois is a recipe for hotness. So things start out innocently enough with Lumi taking the lead and gives Dakota her first ever kiss from a girl. No need to go stampeding towards the clitoris, mind you. A simple little kiss can get those vaginal juices flowing and then its off to second base as Dakota shyly touches Lumi’s perfect natural tits. It’s way more than obvious that Dakota is super inexperienced here and Tyler skillfully jumps in to instruct her on what to do and this hot as fuck pairing is off to the races. I’ll just let you all find out for yourselves that Lumi squirts all over us during two of her multitude of orgasms, and that Dakota takes to licking pussy like a duck takes to water. Oh and the pussy was so good that Tyler almost blew his load early. Well don’t fret loyal fans, I captured it for your pleasure and then he fucked both of them again for a proper facial that we had the girls lick off each other’s faces during the post shoot interview. So that’s it for the write up because if I keep talking I can only fuck things up from here so start watching & spanking everyone and Enjoy.

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