[Exploited College Girls] Catalina Ossa: 18 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Catalina Ossa: 18 Years Old
18 year old Catalina came to us with lots of confidence, which meant she was either a true slut or had no idea what she was getting herself into. She made a point of telling us she’s good at what she does and gives head like no other. We love a good challenge, so of course we had to put those big words to the test. Actually, it’s no wonder she wound up with us as she’s basically a freak, whether it’s with a guy, a girl, two guys, 2 girls or whatever combination you can come up with. A slut through and through! You’d think with her experience and confidence she’d be more dominant but like most girls who walk through our door, she’s a submissive little slut who wants to be thrown around and fucked like the dirty whore she is. And yeah we’ve got no problem with that. She pierced her clit (if that’s any indication of her slut status) and needed Jake’s help to get it in (so to speak) and he was happy to do that. Next thing you know, he’s going down on her and gave Catalina his signature “fingers in the twat squirt” move, so she got pretty juicy fast. She must have had a sweet pussy as he kept going back for seconds and thirds! Naturally, one good move deserves another and it was time to break out the orgasm torture device (that’s the Hitachi for you newcomers) so it was all about getting her cunt ready for Jake’s manmeat with a little pussy workout. Catalina claimed to have expert cock sucking skills, and we’ve heard that one before so we had to see if that big mouth could really handle Jake’s huge cock, and to be honest, once his eyes rolled back as she took every inch down her throat, we were properly impressed. Yes Virginia, the girl has skills and even better, likes to get sloppy. Works for us! Catalina and her killer body with that tight teen twat likes to be manhandled, so Jake was the perfect guy to take this wannabe porn star out to her limits. She said she liked it rough, so we decided to give her the full exploited treatment. To her credit, there’s a lot of fucking in this scene and she took it like a champ whether she was on her back or taking Jake’s baby arm for a ride, and this girl likes to ride, a lot! She definitely cowgirled up on this one! Things ramped up once we got her on her hands and knees and pounded the slut out her, or more into her, while enjoying the view of that sweet 18 year old ass, gotta love it! Now we said she liked it sloppy, but holy crap we had no idea! By the end it was hard to tell where the cum stopped and the saliva began, she was covered from her head to her pretty little bush. So welcome to the jizz biz Catalina, we think you’re just the kind of girl that’s going to make it.


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