[Exploited College Girls] Bianca: You Were Awesome. No, You Were Awesome
Let me introduce Bianca Bangs, a 21-year-old very unassumingly shy girl that surprisingly enough has had some pretty wild sexual encounters the first year after losing her virginity at 15. But then announced that she’s refrained from and has remained abstinent from all sexual activity except masturbation for the past 2½ years we find out during this girl’s very eye opening interview. So without telling you “the butler did it,” we discover this girl’s very first sexual encounter actually was an “almost 3some” were she chickened out of going all the way with the guy her girlfriend was fucking in front of her and settled for the consolation prize of sitting on her friend’s face while he fucked said BFF for her first ever sexual experience. Actually, I believe technically that is a 3some and I guess that’s what girls from a very small hometown do on a Friday night. She then goes on to explain that there’s nothing much to do except drink and fuck where she’s from and with every subsequent sorted pre-18 sexualized story told she was making a stronger and stronger case for moving out the big city for smaller hometown life. Now some of you might find this shy girl’s stories a little hard to believe, but trust me, you’ll warm up to this little sweetie, who I thought should be selling lemonade on her neighborhood corner, as I warmed up to her and what she was selling. And Tyler you ask? Well he just wanted to get his hands on her and peal off those confining clothes to see what limits and firsts he could get her to do today. Ah yes the sexual firsts you ask. It’s what we are known for here and there were lots of them today so lets start things off with this super cutie who absolutely shattered her orgasm record on the ExCoGi bed with over 20 orgasms; six of them coming during her first ever riding of the Sybian and her first ever squirting that you can see in her “Extras” clip available in her profile page. Other first? Well she licked Tyler’s ass for her first ever rimming and admitted afterwards “That was fun and I really liked that,” she said with a cum covered shit eating grin during her debriefing. Now that’s a sign of a very open minded and very dirty girl right there everyone, and this one’s most definitely girlfriend material. Let’s see what else? Well she also used a sex toy during sex for the first time and confessed it made it like a million times better. Butt Plugs and getting DP’d with Toys was a big first and it always amazes me what young girls will let you do to them and their orifices when the person administering said plugs is a cute guy with a great body. But you know what I liked most about this girl was that she listed facials as one of her “Likes” in her profile and you just know the days going to be memorable when a girl lists that as one of her most liked things to do. So enjoy Bianca because she’s got the cutest little pussy and butt hole just ripe for exploiting, Steve


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