[Exploited College Girls] Ava Sinclaire: 23 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Ava Sinclaire: 23 Years Old
“So do you watch a lot of porn?” asked Jay, who’s the lucky son of a bitch who gets to take 23 year old Ava Sinclaire’s pornginity. “Yeah, waaaaaay too much”, giggles our little starlet as we find out why this sweet innocent thing wants to shoot her first porn. Yes Ava is excited to be here and confesses she even has a porn “To Do” list of all the porn people she wants “To Do”. Now you know you’re a true porn addict when you start making lists of your perversions and “To Do’s”. So on the drive back we find out sweet little DD’ed Ava likes to go to dinner with her boyfriend wearing a butt plug up that little asshole of hers with the endgame being to get ass rammed for desert. “Isn’t that the goal” explained Ava? Yes. Yes it is honey. And you’ll bet your bottom dollar that once she tried a cock up her ass? There was no turning back. It was during this first Analing she analized, I mean realized, she really I mean REALLY loves it up her ass. Shout out to the back door right! Yep it’s that kind of an interview people so watch it if you want to “Get To Know” her personality and sexual con-questing. So we fast forward to the condo and Ava, who by the way sounds, acts and looks a lot like porn star Katie Morgan. I mean Ava could be her younger sister she reminds me so much of her. But anyways, these two waste no time getting right to it by showing us how exited she is and how she really wants to be a porn star. Even I was surprised at how Ava got her freak on by showing us more of her great cock sucking skills with a cute little butt plug up her ass. Of course there is. Ok, this scene is not an anal scene, but don’t fret. She has a butt plug up her ass for almost the entire scene, so there. If you want to see her get fully analized you need to go over to our sister site Back Room Casting Couch for that treat. It’s worth the price of admission. So as I was saying, the fun really starts in the condo and after Jay gets that killer BJ he just has to smother and mess up that pretty face of hers by sitting on it. Damn this girl loves eating ass and she digs her sweet little tongue up his sphincter like she hasn’t eating in days. If you like rimming this is your girl. Hope you like the new camera angles as well. Ok blah blah blah, this girl loves sex and it shows. I’m not going to bore you anymore with my writing. Both her scenes are worth the price of admission so get ready to cum. Oh, It also ends with some awesome titty fucking and glistening of those awesome fun bags with massive amounts cum glazing. Yes she loves cum and it shows as she rubs it all over her full Double D’s making them all shinny. Just remember “All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy”. So as Johnny from the movie The Shining would say. HERE’S AVA!!! Just don’t be a a dull boy.

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