[Exploited College Girls] Audrey Hempburne, Mabel May: 18 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Audrey Hempburne, Mabel May: 18 Years Old
Can you ever get enough of a good thing? We don’t think so, and too much is never enough. That’s why we had to keep 18 year old Mabel May an extra day for another shoot with the 18 year old SEX Goddess Audrey Hempburne. Yes you have to check out both of these girls very first ever sex scenes here on ExCoGi to see what sexual treats they are. Hempburne I’d say holds the record on ExCoGi for the most orgasms in a single sex scene. “Orgasmic she is this one, hmmm?”, would say Yoda. If you haven’t checked it out you have to, I’m telling you, you just have to! And we can’t forget about our newest newbie Mabel’s first scene shot just the day before this one. She is a DEEP THROATING GOODESS in her own right. This girl can deep throat a baby’s arm, losing her spewginity yesterday during the money shot. If you haven’t checked it out you have to, I’m telling you, you just have to! In my opinion both these barely legal teens need to be cloned so their special gifts to genitalia can be passed on to future generations and offspring. So many great things to flap to, were do I start? How about right here, so lets cut to the chase and I will only say that this is both girls’ first BGG 3way on camera and wow! What a way to enter the industry. After a little chitchat Jake gets right to the good parts and has the girls play with themselves using the Hitachi. Here is where we get the first glimpses of how much Mabel loves to lick pussy. Did I mention she is Bisexual? It shows as she professes how good Audrey’s pussy tastes while Jake is busy throat fucking Audrey’s pretty mouth. Man can that girl suck a good cock. Jake next take advantage of the fact that he has two 18 year old mouths at his beckon call so he instructs them to administer a double BJ on him while on all fours with their asses are up in the air. What a sight to see and of course I use the hitachi’s on their exposed pussies making them cum as they exchange mouthfuls of Jake’s cock and balls. Makes me want to come out of retirement to see such beautiful and poetry in motion. Up next is some train action. Audrey gets a fucking from behind as she munches on Mabel’s quivering pink box. Then the girls alternate so Jake can pound Mabel’s snatch and of course there are orgasms abound by all. What debauchery is slotted next Steve? Let me tell you. We then put the girls is a 69 position were they both get the chance to probe each others slits and Jake takes turns fucking the one that on top. You know there’s lots of deep throating & gagging with pussy to mouth action in this position. That’s my favorite position I think. “So is that it Steve?”, you ask. NOPE! So since Mabel was getting a little sore from the two days of pussy pounding, Audrey, being the sexual dynamo she is, hopped right on top of Jake’s baby arm and road his third leg in reverse cowgirl and Cowgirl; all the while the submissive Mabel lapped up all her pussy juices that dripped down that hard massive erection. This might not have been these girls’ first sex scenes, but there were plenty of first tossed around at this 3way to fill any bill. And Jake certainly filled any expectations of these two newbie’s, pumped out a powerful fuck-fest neither girl will forget anytime soon.

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