[Exploited College Girls] Alice Moore: PT 2 – 21 Years Old

[Exploited College Girls] Alice Moore: PT 2 – 21 Years Old
Today is 21 year old newbie Alice Moore, and Alice is in need of MORE orgasms that’s for sure. You see Alice just threw away all her sex toys. “WHAT?!” Said Jay. I know right? Well have you ever seen one of these before? Are you familiar with ‘MagicWand’ or ‘Hitachi’ technology Alice? I’ll bet it’s on her Christmas Wish List now that’s for fucking sure because this car porn play is fucking hot and exciting as fuck. How hot and exciting is it Steve? Well, It’s as hot and exciting as a teenaged girl who just found her clitoris hot and exciting. I mean really fucking hot. And all of this is going on as our little slut in training familiarizes herself real well with her new found pleasure technology while Jay fills the car up at the gas station. Did any patrons see her as they passed by while she gave herself one very intense orgasm? Just watch and see. Just watch and see. But let’s ask ourselves this. Why are orgasms way more intense, or feel soooooo much better when strangers are around and people are watching? One of life’s mysteries that will never be answered I suppose. So we move on and once back at the condo it’s divulged that the car windows may not be as tinted as Jay alluded to earlier. But who really cares right when a girl is having some of the best sex and orgasms of her life. And the orgasms and best sex just keeps on rolling as Jay gets her naked on the bed and we get a good look at the fucking great body on this girl. First he has her suck his cock properly while he plays with that fine-ass pussy. Next, Alice screams in heavenly orgasmic pleasure as she’s fucked silly in multiple positions. There’s asshole rubbing, as more Hitachi clit stimulation abounds, with everything ending in a glorious filled pussy creampie that oozes out and Alice licks up and happily swallows. MWAAAA! Yes these two fucked and sucked each other’s private parts like two little fuck bunnies, making one ask… Was the condo sex or the car porn play hotter? Yes is the answer. So everyone sit back, brace yourselves and get ready because you’re about to experience ‘Alice in her Wonderland’ and you will definitely want to venture down this little fuck bunny’s rabbit hole after watching these two fuck… like rabbits.

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