[Exploited College Girls] Alexis: I Like Being Fucked. Yea Penetrated

[Exploited College Girls] Alexis: I Like Being Fucked. Yea Penetrated
Alexis is back everyone as promised and she’s here to take one in the pink and one in the stink for one debauchery of an Ass to Mouth analing of a good time. And if you didn’t read this girl’s first scene’s write-up and instead went straight to her anal pounding then you aren’t aware she’s very well spoken and speaks more than a few languages fluently. She plays numerous musical instruments and teaches her skills to aspiring youngins in order to give back to her community and this girl’s very well educated. Makes you wonder why someone so accomplished and intelligent would be doing this on camera right? News flash, good girls like naughty and nasty sex too and I’ll just say this girl’s got an appetite for sex and anal that won’t be satisfied any time soon. So we find out that she’s done DP a few times in her personal life and enjoyed it. I have to say this soft-spoken doe really surprised us today because she doesn’t telegraph slutty at all and she sure as fuck doesn’t give off the ‘please do anything to me and my holes that you wish’ vibe. But once you start to peal back the layers of this girl you find out she likes to be face fucked and really prefers taking dick up her ass for an amazing analing that includes DP today. But Steve she comes across as so goody goody? So did you make her suck their cocks right after they fucked her ass you ask? Do you think we are pussies here at ExCoGi? Of course they both fucked her in her tight asshole and then made her suck it clean and I think even her fiancé will be proud of how nasty his girl got. Yes this girl’s engaged and we’re so happy and lucky that he’s passing his gal and her holes around to be used like the little submissive whore she is and both Cam and Alex Mack really took out their perverse pleasures on her today. Also loved that they each blew their loads differently to give everyone the best of both worlds. One was all over that innocent looking face of hers followed immediately buy another one deep inside that very pretty pussy that just oozed out of that freshly fucked fuck hole of hers. And of course being the super pervs we are we told her to keep all that ewwy gooey goodness caked on her slutty face for the post shoot debriefing and like a good submissive she did as she was told. So let me conclude here by stating the obvious. This girl oozes sex and in my opinion is girlfriend or wife material, so you’re one lucky SOB Mr. Fiance. Also all of you are lucky SOB members and the recipients of his generosity big time, so enjoy the taking of Alexis and her holes everyone.

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