[BBC Paradise] Summer Hart: A Dark Dick Encounter

[BBC Paradise] Summer Hart: A Dark Dick Encounter
Summer Hart is an adventurous MILF, so when she is in Vegas on a business trip, she wants to have some fun. She meets our stud and is immediately intrigued. She has always wanted to be with a black guy, so she is excited to go up to his room later on. The only problem is, she does not really know the guy. She is a little nervous, but she makes the leap anyway. She heads up to his room and strips down, showing off her tight MILF bod. This stud loves the way her red hair sways back and forth as she works her gorgeous tits. Then, she mounts him for the BBC ride of her life. As he fills her pussy with hot black meat, Summer realizes what she has been missing out on. Looks like she will be staying in Vegas for longer than she planned.


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