[Mommys Boy] Pristine Edge: All-Nighter

[Mommys Boy] Pristine Edge: All-Nighter
Pristine Edge is pulling an all-nighter as she works hard at her laptop, trying to keep her eyes open. Meanwhile her stepson, Ricky Spanish, happens by and notices that she’s up waaaay later than normal. When he questions her about it, it’s revealed that she has an important deadline she has to meet but she’s afraid of dozing off before the work is done. That’s when Ricky, ever the thoughtful stepson, decides that he’ll stay up late to keep Pristine motivated and on target.
Throughout the night, Ricky does everything he can to keep Pristine going. He brings her coffee, makes silly faces at her to get her laughing, and even pulls her up to dance with him to fend off the sandman a little longer. But finally, despite his best efforts, he soon finds Pristine sound to the world.
Ricky becomes flustered when he catches sight of her cleavage, the wholesome events of the night now being seen in an entirely different light. But he brushes it off and rouses her with a gentle touch on the shoulder. Pristine is dismayed as she stirs, worried that she won’t be able to finish her work after all, despite all their efforts. Determined to help, and hot for his stepmom, Ricky helpfully suggests that there’s ONE surefire way to stay up: sex!


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