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[Mommys Boy] Pristine Edge: A Man With Manners

[Mommys Boy] Pristine Edge: A Man With Manners
Pristine Edge is exasperated by her stepson, Juan Loco, constantly forgetting his manners. From putting his elbows on the table to speaking with his mouth full, Juan just can’t seem to get it through his skull that he needs to shape up. Pristine is growing tired of constantly reminding him, wondering why it doesn’t seem to be sinking in for him. If he doesn’t get his act together, she’s worried that he’ll go through life unprepared, and good etiquette is extremely important in numerous situations.
When Pristine finally confronts Juan, he reveals that he’s having a lot of trouble remembering all these etiquette rules. He just can’t keep up! Realizing that Juan may need an alternate method to remember his etiquette lessons, Pristine decides to adopt a brand new teaching style. She’ll associate each etiquette lesson with a different sex act, that way Juan will have no problem remembering what it takes to be a proper, distinguished gentleman. Juan is surprised but eager, quickly agreeing to try this new ‘technique’ out with his stepmom.
First, Juan pulls out the chair for Pristine, making sure she’s as comfortable as possible before he proceeds to get between her legs and eat her out. ‘Remember not to slurp!’ she reminds him. She then dabs his face with a napkin and gets him to suck on her breasts, occasionally reminding him not to speak with his mouth full. Pristine then guides Juan through multiple sex positions, making sure to give him pointers along the way so that her stepson evolves into a true man with manners.


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