[Web Young] Penelope Kay, Anna Claire Clouds: She Needs I.T. Bad

[Web Young] Penelope Kay, Anna Claire Clouds: She Needs I.T. Bad
Anna Claire Clouds, an office intern, receives a phone call from her boss telling her she needs to do a major presentation. Anna accepts, though is nervous. Anna calls their IT services to get help making a slideshow. A short time later, the IT agent, Penelope Kay, enters the room. Anna is momentarily taken aback by Penelope, since she’s not used to seeing young women as IT agents. Anna gazes at Penelope with a hint of attraction. Anna asks for help with the slideshow, which Penelope agrees to. As they work closely together making the slideshow, Penelope calms Anna down and helps her with building up her confidence. There are more hints of attraction between them, and sparks start to fly. Eventually, they finish the slideshow, but Anna is horrified when the file becomes corrupted. She begins to panic. Penelope tries to calm Anna down. She assures Anna that she can give the presentation without the slideshow – after all, she memorized the material while making the slides, right? As Anna calms down, she realizes that Penelope is correct. The attraction between them grows. Penelope is about to leave, but Anna invites her to stay, impulsively kissing her. Anna is embarrassed and pulls away, but Penelope is receptive, going in for her own kiss. They undress each other, and find a new reason to work at the desk together – by having SEX on it!

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