[Web Young] Allie Addison, Amber Stark: You See Me For Me

[Web Young] Allie Addison, Amber Stark: You See Me For Me
Amber Stark and her best friend, Allie Addison, are hanging out, chatting about an upcoming school dance. When Allie asks if Amber has anyone in mind for the dance, Amber is a bit shifty, insisting that she has no one. Yet, even as she says so, she sneaks shy peeks at Allie… Amber then tries to move on, insisting that she’s worried that she doesn’t know how to do makeup appropriate for the dance. Allie reassures her that she doesn’t know how to do that kind of makeup either, so that’s when they decide to practice together. They break out a makeup kit but as soon as they’re about to get started, Amber shyly backs out by putting the makeup away. Allie is confused as she questions what’s wrong. Amber is only all the more shy as she insists that Allie doesn’t even NEED makeup since she’s so beautiful… But Amber becomes so flustered that she accidently lets slip that she’s actually in love with Allie! Now that the truth has been revealed, Amber is terrified that she’s ruined their friendship. But, to her surprise and relief, Allie admits that she loves her, too. Overwhelmed by these newfound emotions, they come together for a sweet kiss that leads to so much more.

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