[Touch My Wife] Crystal Rush: Caught In The Act

[Touch My Wife] Crystal Rush: Caught In The Act
I’ve noticed my wife has been acting strange recently. So I decide to follow her when she tells me she’s going to a friend’s house. It was another man of course.. I watch him greet her at the door and pull her in with him – leaving the door unlocked. I walk in and watch it all unfold in front of me. At first I was angry, but I couldn’t look away! She rubs her fingers all over his muscular body as he slides his dick in and out of my wife.. This younger fit guy fucked my wife better than I ever was able to! His big hard cock made her cum over and over again, and it turned me on so much experiencing her pleasure from behind the cracked door! He fills her pussy up with his load and I quickly leave the house without being seen!

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