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[TeamSkeet X James Deen] Wrath Part 1: Carmen Callaway, Janice Griffith, Carmen Caliente, Dani Daniels

[TeamSkeet X James Deen] Wrath Part 1: Carmen Callaway, Janice Griffith, Carmen Caliente, Dani Daniels
Eight. There were eight of them. Eight gorgeous and naked ladies were standing before him. Eight—like the shape of their curves that he lusted for Before Danny Wilde even realized it, he was standing in the middle of the eight gorgeous ladies who bared their lust-filled bodies before him. It seemed bizarre that he kept his jeans on when the situation he was in called, nay, screamed for him to yank it off and show off his hard, naughty wiener. Two brunettes found their necks wrapped around his big hands. Just by feeling the weight of his fingers on either side of their chins, they knew they were in for some intense and highly pleasurable treat. At first, the atmosphere was mostly chill, like a calm before the storm. But, when the ladies began to inch closer and closer to Danny, the sensual build up just grew more and more apparent. A light strangle here, and a quick exchange of a sensual kiss there, Danny could feel his dick getting harder by the second. One of the bombshells from team blonde walked up to him to smack her lips and tongue with his. She raised one leg up, allowing his fingers to caress her moist pussy lips with his fingers. The ladies made room for them both and now they were both standing close to the wall. He pulled her back by the neck with a force that made her want to keep feeling his fingers rub her pussy lips and puller her weight back against him, The two beautiful Carmens, Dani, Delilah, Jessica, Sadie, Trinity, Janice and Vyxen slowly cornered Danny. Some of them stroked him from the chest down while the others tried to unzip his pants and free his stiff dick. Danny wondered how his cock’s“wrath” can still manage to hold back. They finally let his hard manhood loose. Not a minute was wasted and Danny found his penis deep-throated and filled with hot saliva. He grabbed one his partners by the face and pushed her to the wall. Oh how his dick was being worshipped—he was at the very center of their carnal urges. From a beautiful blonde to a bodacious brunette, Danny never fell short of nice, hot blowjobs from his willing partners. He then lowered his torso and she sat ever so poised on the floor, taking in the full length of his cock and the weight of his balls into her mouth. Harder and harder he pushed in and out of her wet mouth. The more mouths his dick filled, the more determined he was to screw every single one of these sultry ladies. He thought ‘you want cock? You get it—hard, full, fast and red hot.’ He kept fucking their mouths until such time he got bored and pinned Carmen Callaway to the floor. He banged her from behind and after a few hard strokes, shifted his attention to yet another blond for a steamy blowjob. The girls couldn’t help but clamor before him. They were growing impatient for their turn. One by one, the ladies sucked his hard enough to make his erection last much longer. Then, Danny pushed one of the ladies’ legs up to her face and he began to fuck her hard to the core. The deeper he pushed, the louder she moaned. He pounded and pounded his manhood until his waist got tired and he went on to fill in every single mouth in the room with his consistently erect shaft. After he was able to regain his composure and stamina, he inserted his cock deep inside another lovely ass hole and his thrusts grew more solid and precise. The ladies were also going wild. They made him rub their pussy and their asshole while the rest tried to suck his cock dry. One moment his dick entangled in one of the ladies’ mouths and the next he was gripping someone’s face hard as he penetrated the full length of this cock inside her ass. Danny was such a bad boy—not ever wanting to reach his climax way too early, so he went ahead and stuck his dick into every gaping mouth near the tip of his cock. It was almost like a never-ending tug of anal-blowjob-anal-blowjob. Danny ravished every moment of it. His dick was unstoppable. One of the brunettes bent over a toppled-over metal drum. It was like a scene from an erotic painting. He gripped tightly around her neck as his erection invaded every lovely space inside her asshole. When he was done with her, he grabbed the next one by the mouth then fucked her senseless too, from behind. His thrusts grew stronger and louder that they could hear his balls slapping against the opening of her butthole. Danny’s back grew raw and sweaty from the envious and heated eyes that watched him with intent. The sexual atmosphere choked them that the ladies could no longer let go of Danny. His dick got sucked and his balls licked over and over again. And of course, after receiving rounds and rounds of blowjobs, he reciprocates with intense, rough sex. He was delighted that the ladies would willingly bend on their knees, twist their bodies and lean against the icy wall to give his dick better access into their pussies and ass holes. He felt like he could do anything with them with the stroke and penetration of his dick. At one point, he fucked one of the ladies while someone from behind gave him a quick rim job. It was pure bliss. He held them hard by the neck, pushed them back against the wall, and made their mouths open wide with pleasure. The ladies would crawl near him, and he would allow them access to erection. The cycle went on and on and by nearing the end of the video, we see Danny positioning his penis at the entrance of a gasping and horny brunette. Who knows how much longer Danny, Carmen Cariente, Carmen Calloway, Dani, Delilah, Jessica, Sadie, Trinity, Janice and Vyxen can hold out their seemingly insatiable sexual desires?

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