[Pure Taboo] Rebecca Vanguard, Olive Glass: The Extra Mile

[Pure Taboo] Rebecca Vanguard, Olive Glass: The Extra Mile
Manipulative Boss Demands That Personal Assistant Fuck Boss’s Husband
Carla (Rebecca Vanguard) is so thankful for her office job as Monica Grant (Olive Glass)’s personal assistant. Things aren’t going so wallet home but the job helps pay the bills and take care of her loved ones. Of course, things at work aren’t easy since Monica is an exceptionally tough woman to work for. Although Carla’s always doing her best to please Monica, she somehow always feels like she’s still not doing enough.
Gradually, the errands that Monica asks her to run get personal. Carla becomes uncomfortable but she’s not in a position to kick up ass as she obediently does each and every one. But when Monica asks her to pick up a sexy dress for a friend’s gift AND try it on to send Monica a sexy picture, Carla’s starting to think that this is taking things TOO far… Little does Carla know, when Monica one day brings in her husband, Bobby (Dan Ferrari), the demands are about to take a dark turn.
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