[Pure Taboo] Aiden Ashley: Lessons In Business

[Pure Taboo] Aiden Ashley: Lessons In Business
Aiden Ashley is leaving her apartment to go to work when she gets a call from her landlord demanding the rent. Aiden promises that she’ll have it for him tomorrow. But when Aiden rushes out to her car, her day goes from bad to worse as it fails to start. She slams her hands on the wheel in frustration and phones her boss to tell him she’s going to be late again.
At that moment, her teacher Stirling Cooper happens to be driving by and offers to give her a lift to work. Relieved, Aiden hops in.
As they drive, Stirling makes conversation. She’s one of his best students and he’s curious why she’s working in a diner. Shouldn’t she be focusing on her education? Aiden explains that working at the diner is how she makes ends meet…

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